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Security Gates For Business Reimagined

Easy Installation. Minimal Labor. 

No Welding. No Fabrication.

Installs In Hours Not Days.

Commercial Overhead Garage Door & Gate Solutions

LFD Gate, proudly made in the USA, is a commercial overhead garage door and gate manufacturer. Our comprehensive turnkey security garage solution includes both an Overhead Tilt-Up Gate (or Door) and Operator and is the only fully certified appliance by TUV Testing Laboratories to meet UL-325.
In the realm of overhead garage doors and gates, we stand out as disruptors. LFD industrialized this parking garage entry and exit style, creating exceptional reliability, dependability, flexibility, and security needs. LFD Gate eliminated all springs, chain drives, ceiling-mounted apparatus, and the constant need for maintenance adjustment.
Designed for facilities where reliability and security are paramount, LFD Gate offers customizable tilt-up gates (also known as California gates) and doors that can be tailored to the requirements of building owners and architects on a project-by-project basis. Our commitment to innovation and security is making LFD Gate the preferred choice where speed of operation and dependability matter.
Access to our range of products is facilitated through a network of authorized, reliable distributors, all backed by best-in-class warranties. Our parent company, Leonard Automatics, is a 54-year-old manufacturing company serving a variety of markets in the global arena. Emerging from Leonard Automatics in 2008, Leonard Fabrication and Design (LFD), is a full-service engineering, prototyping, parts fabrication, private label manufacturing, and finished goods manufacturing. We bring the same manufacturing expertise to the comprehensive garage gate and door solutions world.

LFD Gate on showroom floor

Why Our Gate?

Installs in Hours, not Days. No ceiling mounted operators. No springs. Industrial PLC controls. Significantly reduced maintenance. Lower operating costs. Only TUV certified complete gate system. Reduce downtime.

The only Commercial Overhead Garage Gate and Controls in One Solution. Minimal Labor. No Welding. No Fabrication.

Installs In Hours Not Days.

Extended Vehicle Clearance

We provide top-of-the-line security gates that are free of springs and ceiling mounted operators. This allows for a minimum vehicle clearance of 8'3" in a structure with 8/9" clearance. Taller gates available to accommodate larger vehicles. Fully customizable to fit your application.

Ready to Install

Our gates come ready to install with no welding needed and minimal labor. In addition to the simple installation. Includes light curtains, PLC controls / communications, pressure sensors, radar. Our gates all come with a 2 year warranty.


The LFD  Gate system includes; state of-the-art security features, including light curtain, edge protection, voltage & amp protection with 2 levels of security: Administration Mode and Maintenance Mode with password protection.

• Standard posts are 8'9" tall
• Custom sizes available
• Vehicle clearance of 8'3"
• Automatic gate
• More headroom, width and clearance
• No operator ceiling mount needed
• No springs to adjust or replace
• Reduced maintenance
• Less moving parts
• Works with inclines and concrete truss ceiling structures
• Roof to gate only requires 6" clearance
• Installs in one day
• Ground mounted - no ceiling support
• 2 year warranty
• Opens away from vehicle
• Gate and controls in one package
• No welding needed for installation.
• Easy to assemble
• Only requires 120 Volt
• UPS battery back-up system included
• Tailgate detection system
• Secure router for secure communications
• Active anti-closure sensor

• Multiple Patents Pending

LFD Gate Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time to open/close?

The gate will cycle smoothly at 5 seconds to open and 5 seconds to close.
How is the gate activated?
A car shows up and the security system sends an input signal.
Can the gate withstand inclement weather?
The gate was not tested for wet environments. It will need to be located under a roof system and not subject to rain.
Is there rust protection?
The gate is powder coated. We do not warranty the powder coating.
What is the lead time to build a single gate?
We manufacture up to 10 gates per week.
Can branded logo and lighting be placed on gate?

Yes! Your company can be branded so that the gate user sees your brand as they enter and as they exit.

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